Dagon Glory Logo Identity

Project Type : Logo Design
Client : Myanmar Bizlink
Background Information :
Dagon Glory is a service company run by Myanmar Bizlink that offers several services for foreign companies which are interested to expend their business in Myanmar. Their services includes, but not limited to, Business consulting, Enterprising Assistance, Business Observation Programs, Market Research, Arranging Business Tours, etc.
Concept behind the logo:

The concept uses minimal and simple design to potray a sense of modern and fresh business culture, hence the contemporary look and feel of the logo.
The contrast between blue background and yellow symbol ‘DG’ intend to make the logo stands out from the busy visual environment as well as to convey a sense of strength and reliability by using the primary colours.
Shape of the blue background derive from the shape/symbol of a warrior’s shield to establish the meaning of protection and security for the businesses of prospective customers.